The Pixies.Where Is My Mind.

Funny how a song can haunt you- this song seems to be following me around like a little puppy that wants a walk. I have read much about the cultural low point that was the 1980’s; it wasn’t all Madonna and MTV.

And here is a song about swimming in the Caribbean with little fishes following you around.  But it’s not taken like a scuba diving song. It has that anthem of wasted youth about it- And for those of you that are currently in the wasted youth phase (lucky you)  and may not know about Kurt Cobain trying to make a song that sounded like the Pixies and ending up with a little ditty called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” …well that happened too- so I bring you some substance from the horrible decade that still paddles around pretty good for its age. The PixiesWhere Is My Mind.