Cracker “Happy Birthday to Me”

birthday cake
birthday cake (Photo credit: freakgirl)

Coming off a birthday weekend- here is another relic from the cave. I saw this band many moons ago in their natural habitat of a bar. Cracker is kind of “angst in a plaid shirt” for guys that still like stuff like beer and football….And by football; I mean football on both sides of the Atlantic because it is the same type dude that likes whatever version is played in their country.  Football hooligans in Europe are close to football nuts that paint themselves in team colors in the U.S.A. (Maybe not exact replicas but definitely  falling out of the same fanatical tree). And the guy that yells at the T.V and grumbles about personal moves like he could run the team better is exactly the same in any country. I think in Canada this guy is probably a hockey fan? So here’s to Football, the N.F.L, Cracker  and me for my birthday.

Concrete Blonde

Concrete Blonde for Monday song time and today we have two. I don’t want to say I love this band or this band is cool, but I do and they are. It makes me glad to know they are still out there and working on a Brazil tour as I write this. The first song is the big hit Joey. The second  is the first song I ever heard from this band  and was hooked right then “True” sums it all up- a word to describe them.  They have been a genuine alternative/underground/independent band the entire way. They give you all they have at live shows. I don’t know what else to say about them other than enjoy.