What’s so funny ’bout Peace, Love and Understanding

It is cold here at the Cave….brrrrrrrrrrr….even the archives room which is supposed to be kept at 58 degrees year round has dropped to minus 18 Fahrenheit. So cold that Iggy Pop stopped by yesterday and he was wearing a shirt!
Anyway – something to warm everyone up…can’t believe I did a list of 5 perfect Rock songs and overlooked this gem. Someday we will live in a world that will make this sound a little pretentious….that day is not today. This song still rings and reverberates over the entire planet. Thank-you Elvis and Nick Lowe

7 thoughts on “What’s so funny ’bout Peace, Love and Understanding

  1. Definitely a great song and would’ve been a worthy choice for your “Perfect Rock Songs” list. Extra thanks should go to Curtis Stigers, whose version of this song on “The Bodyguard” soundtrack, which sold millions of copies, earned Nick Lowe over $1 million. That allowed him to tour with a band for the first time in years, and gave a great artist some freedom to tour & record as he pleased. I saw him with a band in ’86 and he was great.

    I have a fun story that involves Elvis’ version of this song. One weeknight in college, when I was living in an off-campus apartment, our idiot downstairs neighbors decided to throw a ridiculously loud party that lasted until around 2-3AM, and I had to wake up early the next morning to work at the book store. I asked them a few times to lower the volume and they just ignored me, so when I woke up at 6AM for work, knowing they were hungover, I placed my giant speakers on the floor and blasted this song at top volume (the heavy bass and pounding drums made it a perfect choice). Needless to say, we never had any noise issues with those neighbors again. Elvis Costello to the rescue.

    1. That qualifies as a passive / aggressive use of a Nick Lowe song!
      My go to record for annoying apartment neighbors was squirrel bait “hammering so hard”

  2. Cold up here in the Great White North too! I want my global warming back!

    Love this song, love this guy! It’s OK if you missed him in a top five list. You can’t catch ’em all! Never too late to show some love for the Declan MacManus!

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