X “See How We Are”

Time for a Monday classic from the cave. This is like a Punk/Country/Pop song from the great L.A. band “X” . Hardcore fans might say they sold out to get on the charts. I don’t know or care what the thinking was on this because it is well crafted  and quality music that lasts a lifetime, it has that  feel of all the X songs…you know…”We’re desperate, get used to it” … Happy Monday everyone!

5 thoughts on “X “See How We Are”

  1. Love that song…love that cd (it also has 4th of July on it, which I also love).
    You visited one of my blogs…visit the other…there’s lots of music stuff on it! sued51.wordpress.com I did a series on Boston Bands from the 80s.

  2. Nice post! Here’s a band that I don’t really know a lot about.

    The whole “sell out” tag is very subjective. Some might say they just grew as songwriters and music fans. If I was a musician (which I’m not) I’d hate to be pigeonholed into one style forever. That might work for AC/DC but not me.

    1. I am also not a musician, I even own a guitar and bring it out to prove that fact once in a while. The difference between selling out and evolving is a good one even if part of it is to pay the rent….And we all gotta eat.

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