Feeling a little Anarchy with my nomination

Thanks to my blogging friend Apple Pie for the nomination


I needed a little kick start to get the cave rumbling. One quote a day for three days – I can do that!

There are no limits to where our brains can take us. We are, if there be a God, God’s gracious creation.

John Lydon

I believe we are “all that” as this quote says – but I respect the “questioning everything” of the punk mentality. Artists don’t always know where it comes from but none hesitate to create with it.

He does wade in some deep waters

I like him because he just steps boldly and gets on with it – that it what it is all about.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But so what

You cannot please everyone.

(Always a bad sign when you have to go to France to get respect)

But whatever

Here he is now:


And we remember fondly the youthful exuberance:

It always warms the heart

I have to go – the kettle is boiling and I need another cuppa


Violent Femmes

The Violent Femmes always warm me up.

It has been cold up here near the Cave-Some of this below zero crazy cold!

The Violent Femmes probably don’t think of themselves as a nice cup of hot chocolate or even a healthy dose of 12 year old scotch to ward off the winter freeze-but they always do that to this one ancient rock guy.

These guys always bring me back. If ever my allegiance to rock music starts to waiver-their songs always sound fresh—-like someone just cooked up the music right in front of you.

And not  prepackaged “assemble a sandwich in front of you and call it fresh” like Subway—-I mean like one of those Japanese restaurant deals with the flames going and the knives slashing!!!

Fresh-Dangerous-and I am going back for some more.

I don’t know what the name means and I really don’t care—-It is ironic and it was coined in a time when Femme was a bad thing and Violence was a good thing.

What it means today is anybody’s guess.

This band always brings me back.

This is what music should do.

Warm you up on a cold day.

X “See How We Are”

Time for a Monday classic from the cave. This is like a Punk/Country/Pop song from the great L.A. band “X” . Hardcore fans might say they sold out to get on the charts. I don’t know or care what the thinking was on this because it is well crafted  and quality music that lasts a lifetime, it has that  feel of all the X songs…you know…”We’re desperate, get used to it” … Happy Monday everyone!