Violent Femmes

The Violent Femmes always warm me up.

It has been cold up here near the Cave-Some of this below zero crazy cold!

The Violent Femmes probably don’t think of themselves as a nice cup of hot chocolate or even a healthy dose of 12 year old scotch to ward off the winter freeze-but they always do that to this one ancient rock guy.

These guys always bring me back. If ever my allegiance to rock music starts to waiver-their songs always sound fresh—-like someone just cooked up the music right in front of you.

And not  prepackaged “assemble a sandwich in front of you and call it fresh” like Subway—-I mean like one of those Japanese restaurant deals with the flames going and the knives slashing!!!

Fresh-Dangerous-and I am going back for some more.

I don’t know what the name means and I really don’t care—-It is ironic and it was coined in a time when Femme was a bad thing and Violence was a good thing.

What it means today is anybody’s guess.

This band always brings me back.

This is what music should do.

Warm you up on a cold day.

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