The White Stripes.Seven Nation Army

Wow…sometimes you just got to rock it out…I have said recently that the 0’s were the worst decade of rock music but it was not all bad. In fact, I think rock music started from the beginning and rebooted in that decade (I might write a wordy diatribe about this sometime?) but for now I give you White Stripes– Echoes of Son House and T-bone Walker complete  with a crazy wild man singing and playing while a seriously nice respectable attractive lady bangs the drums….this is tasty stuff.

4 thoughts on “The White Stripes.Seven Nation Army

  1. Well, as I’ve already posted on my blog, I think the 80’s were a wasteland culturally. Things have picked up a lot since then and aren’t too bad just now although, to find the good stuff you really have to look a lot harder. The White Stripes were a band I just didn’t get for the longest time, everybody and their dog was raving about them being the greatest thing since bread was sliced and hat they were the saviours of rock (which doesn’t really need saving…) but they didn’t do it for me…and then I heard Ball & Biscuit…that’s when it all became clear. Seven Nation Army is also a great song and since then I’ve listened very closely to what Jack has to say :-).

    1. I had heard Jack White and was aware of the hype, but did not get it until I really listened to it yesterday and it finally broke through to the other side of my brain. “How could I (a semi- self respecting rock music blogger) miss this?

      This boy is on fire! (Sorry for the pop reference) but the dude is burning down the house.

  2. I admit to being a bit late to the Jack White party…but everyone from the “Queen of England to the hounds of hell” can’t deny the greatness of this driven soul.

  3. The documentary “It might get loud” is probably my favorite movie from the last decade. Ill be making my grand kids watch it with me, years from now. I hope anyways. Ball and a Biscuit blows my mind every time I hear it. College football fans like a little Seven Nation Army. Pretty cool to hear 100,000 people sing along to it. Jack is legend.

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