The Seven Wonders of Rock n Roll-#1 The Crossroads


I wrote my favorite post a few months ago.

And since then I have goggled around and have found no boot tracks to mark the consecrated ground of the “Seven Wonders of Rock”. None have attempted to single these out: from the big guys of Rolling Stone and Spin all the way down to the insignificant little-guy blogger in a cave like me.

"The Crossroads", where Robert Johns...
“The Crossroads”, where Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for mastery of the blues, according to the legend. It is the intersection of U.S. Routes 61 and 49, at Clarksdale, Mississippi, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am starting at The Crossroads-There is a marker at the intersection of U.S. Routes 61 and 49 in Clarksdale, Mississippi that is the tourist spot to go. This may or may not be the place of legend and it does work …but…I have this idea of a more rural deserted crossroads at midnight with a full moon(devil optional). Robert Johnson made a choice that night and played guitar like he was chased by the hounds of hell for the rest on his days on earth. Rock n Roll was born here! So when I go I will be taking pictures at both places…the one that is marked and the one that I have in my mind as yet unmarked.

It has to be in Mississippi -The crossroads where black and white music mixed to create an American phenomenon that took over the whole world. The devil has been in the details ever since.

My plan is to roll these out one by one until we have all seven-  Then create a separate  page- and just maybe another site where people can send pictures and opinions because that would be awesome!  There is still time to change my mind on these wonders. I will entertain any suggestions and give you full credit if you can convince me of an error.

And lastly I am not enforcing the “be nice” WordPress decorum if you want to leave opinions. These 7 wonders are for all of us and it is more important that I get this right (or close to it) instead of feeling warm and fuzzy all over with tons of like buttons.

As of now I have no actual pictures because I have visited none of these sites, I hope to change that in the near future!

13 thoughts on “The Seven Wonders of Rock n Roll-#1 The Crossroads

    1. Thanks…and yes agree…a crossroads in the Deep South at midnight to meet the devil and strike a bargain is a great myth or story or legend…figuring out where the truth comes in, that is something else.

    1. Thanks,

      I have nothing to lose but a few followers and the mild disdain of the quirky music community so I will press on and boldly go where no blogger has gone before (my apologies to Capt. Kirk)
      And this is a lot of fun plus I set my own personal bucket list of places to go.

  1. Great piece on the Crossroads. I was lucky enough to pick up a beautiful Columbia “2 Eye” copy of Robert Johnson: King of the Delta Blues Singers last week. Wonderful comp.

  2. I drove past one of John Prine’s homes (in Gulfport, Florida) and took a picture with my cell phone. Do you want me to send it to you?

    1. Yes…if you think this is “wonder worthy” please send it along. I am leaning towards a separate web site (not in the cave but on the spacious grounds surrounding it) and will make room so people can send pics on the wonders I pick and the wonders I maybe should have picked.
      Music is intensely personal so I want to be careful about slamming the gates too tight while I get it up and running works as email if it isn’t already here somewhere

  3. I live in MS. If I get near Clarksdale in my summer wanderings I will try and take you a picture of a deserted crossroads. I can’t promise midnight (I don’t have the equipment for night shots) but sunset might work, lol.

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