The Seven Wonders of Rock #2 and #3 The Studios


When picking studios I had two criteria that I had to meet:

  1. They must still exist so you can visit them
  2. They must be steeped in the epic-ness of Rock Music

And I only got seven spots; I don’t have room for a third and better choose carefully!


Here we go:

Sun Studios, Memphis, 2006
Sun Studios, Memphis, 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sun Studio Memphis, Tennessee

Elvis, Jerry Lee and Johnny- Do I have to go last names?

You can argue that Sam Phillips invented Rock n Roll right here.

Memphis-this is a Rock music town!

And you can visit and take the tour.

I have not been here yet, I need to change that.






English: Abbey Road, London
English: Abbey Road, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Abbey Road Studios, London

Everyone knows the zebra crossing shot of The Beatles. (I need to get in this shot without getting run over!)

The Abbey Road album stands up as an epic swan song by the fab four.

 It is also the place where Pink Floyd recorded Dark Side of the Moon.

And London-Another great city of Rock Music!

I have got to start saving those nickels from bottle returns. The Cave guy needs to go on a road trip.

And I am happy to say that the “Wonders” website has been started and I will bring it out when we get all seven.



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