Woodstock- A true Rock n’ Roll Wonder on Father’s Day


Here is a Father’s day photo of my youngest son and I at the site of the original Woodstock Stage. Yes, this is where Jimi played the Star Spangled Banner and Janis sung her heart out. And yes, this was a great trip to take!

I will write more and add it to my list of Rock n Roll wonders but for now I will enjoy the rest of Dad’s day with my great family!

And I have to thank  http://jumpforjoyphotoproject.wordpress.com/ for putting this idea into my head-great blog with people just jumping for joy!

9 thoughts on “Woodstock- A true Rock n’ Roll Wonder on Father’s Day

    1. Thanks Tony and no, I try to keep the celebrity stalking to a minimum while with the kids 🙂 just kidding…we only had time to walk around the site and take in the great museum…I have more pictures to post on this fun day out with the family.

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