Seven Wonders of Rock n’ Roll-complete with helpful map.


Seven Wonders of Rock (or my personal Rock n’ Roll bucket list)

This is my best seven. I will attempt to defend my selections. Defend them like an angry dog guarding a shoe-you better bring some treats and a deft touch if you want to pry them away from me!

My goal is to do this whole list. Complete with lots of pictures and insightful writing to share with you all.

1. The Robert Johnson Crossroads, Clarksdale, Mississippi

The legend of the man who sells his soul in order to play guitar like the devil-this is the genesis of Rock Music. It does not matter if it is true; only that this changed everything.

2.Sun Studio, Memphis, Tennessee

Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee and Carl Perkins– And that just scratches the surface of the greats that scratched history in vinyl right here.

3. Abbey Road Studios, London

The iconic Album cover of the Beatles walking on that zebra crossing is burned into the consciousness of every true rock fan in the world. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon being recorded here is enough of a kicker to get this in.

4.Jim Morrison Grave, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

Has become a pilgrimage for rock music fans. There is a special mystique that summons us here. If you make it to Paris, you have to answer this call.

5. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

Yes-this city wanted it more than all the other sexier cities that toyed with the idea. Cleveland made it a reality and made it fit. They also made it work…people care if their favorite band gets in or not. And thankfully unlike the Baseball Hall of Fame-they don’t keep you out for drug use.

6.Woodstock Festival Site, Bethel, N.Y

Here is one that I have checked off the list-If you mention this event, everyone knows what you are talking about- Peace, Love and Music. A simple triple threat of power for the soul. This is a great visit with a fine museum and performing arts center on site. And always a few original hippies hanging around (some never left).

7. Red Rocks, Morrison, CO

A true natural wonder set in a mystical place of beauty. The Beatles played here and it did not sell out.  Jimi Hendrix played here. It is somewhere that great rock music happens right now! It is where every big name band wants to leave a mark (and maybe record a DVD). I want to go here at least one time a see a show! Yes…bucket worthy.


I created a little map to help me on my quest-

Woodstock- A true Rock n’ Roll Wonder on Father’s Day


Here is a Father’s day photo of my youngest son and I at the site of the original Woodstock Stage. Yes, this is where Jimi played the Star Spangled Banner and Janis sung her heart out. And yes, this was a great trip to take!

I will write more and add it to my list of Rock n Roll wonders but for now I will enjoy the rest of Dad’s day with my great family!

And I have to thank for putting this idea into my head-great blog with people just jumping for joy!

Damn! Buddy Holly was legit but Bill Haley opened the door. Origins of Rock Part 2

English: (We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock b...
English: (We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and his Comets, Decca 1954. Deutsch: (We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock von Bill Haley and his Comets, Decca 1954. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though I hate to give any award on the Cave to Bill Haley and his Comets– The Cave has gone through the history -before Rock around the Clock there were a few rock songs out there but you would have to call them regional, novelty or maybe even underground.

After Bill Haley and his Comets smashed the surface of Pop music with this Number 1…the resulting explosion opened up the flood gates and all types of craft could roll on down this river. With my love of Blues music and the Sun record sound I wanted to give the award somewhere else but Bill Haley changed the culture and I can’t take that away from him. This hurts me and reminds me that Cave awards have to go by merit not just talent, originality and execution.

This brings me to what I consider the first refined vintage of a rock song – This song is what the kids today would call “Legit”-something that is an actual real version of itself, not faked at all. In other words=true, unmistakable quality.

“That’ll be the Day” by the Crickets – They dropped Buddy Holly from the title because of his record contract somewhere else-which made this technically a band release instead of a front man and band format which was standard for the time.  It was also the song that  The Quarrymen would pick to cover for their first demo –and we know what influence these guys would have on music as they evolved into The Beatles. And more importantly for this blog…I can feature a quality song in this post and add a true relic to the Cave.

5 good covers…#3 Quiet Riot covers Slade…Come on Feel the Noise

O.K, this one is personal. Come on feel the noise [yes…I am spelling the title this way because this is 2012 and on the internet…the words were innocent and playful and there was no web when this hit in 1973…end of disclaimer] O.K back to Slade.

This was a monster hit in 1973…if you were a young dude residing anywhere covered by the English Top of the Pops universe, you did everything you could to get a copy of this 45. As a young lad myself, I managed to get one and also wear it out on the record player.  I would bring it to the States with me but alas that may have been the only copy to make its way there. The Beatles and Stones made it over and so did Monty Python and even Benny Hill, but Slade would never cross the Atlantic in a significant way. I can’t explain this because you could say (and I think I am) that they were the kings of early 70’s glam Rock.

The Quiet Riot version is good but that is not the reason I chose this. Everyone thought this was a Quiet Riot original because no one from the 80’s metal era ever heard of Slade….and no one cared. That is why the cave must stand up and put an end to this transgression.  As I said before, this one is personal…this is the first record that I added to my collection. This blog is about dragging relics out and giving them a quick polish. This post is giving you two relics for the price of one…Me and my first favorite band Slade.

And now for something completely different:

If you look at the guitar player in the video for this song, he is either dressed as Diana Ross or a Dalek… Dr Who fans help me out here.