Greenland Baby!


Greenland Baby!

Oh sweet mystical frozen land that everyone flies over going to other places!

Oh beautiful Holy Grail of no blogging hits!

You don’t know how one accidental visit can make a guy happy.

I don’t know what brought you to my site and even though I am curious-I am ok with a quick hit and no explanation. It is fine because I have been waiting for you for a long time.

You have made my day! I can see the northern lights dancing in my head right now!

I can hear a polar bear moaning for its mate on an ice floe.

I can almost see a seal popping his head above the waterline to see if I am friend or foe.

I am a friend! I Love you Greenland!

greenland flag

I am not one to brag about this and that on WordPress

I appreciate every single follower and every single like button. They are like little drops of candy from the sky that keep this blogging thing so sweet.  I do have a bunch of followers and a few regular readers but I am not really into throwing a badge up for the numbers. I think that a good honest blog with 10 regular followers and readers that are engaged is a successful blog.

And I also think that most bloggers give up too easy when they don’t see good numbers.

If you enjoy writing and do it on a regular basis-you will find yourself getting better and also find a voice that starts to speak to others. When that starts happening: people will find you.

All us bloggers that people think are good started out as a jumbled mess with 3 or 4 followers and no like buttons. We all get better as we go along.

I  have not been Freshly Pressed

I’d like to think I have been close with maybe a misplaced comma or an image that could have been a bit stronger making the WordPress gurus winch just enough to not check that box. Or they may not even know I am here! Either way-don’t have that badge.

I am an Award agnostic

I love the fact that they engage the whole community spirit of blogging, but I hate the chain-letterness of them.

But Greenland baby- Greenland- all you bloggers that have ever stared at the world map and seen that big white blank island at the top of the world know what I am talking about .

And I hope you can also reach this blogging Nirvana .

It is a beautiful thing.

Let’s play a happy song- some bouncy major chords and a feisty little drum beat.

I like American music and I love Greenland.

Cheers from the cave!

And Qujanaq Greenland! (I hope that means thanks)

21 thoughts on “Greenland Baby!

  1. Congratulations you lucky bastard. Ah Greenland, if only I could get you, China and Iran my blog would be like the UN.
    You would think that Greenland would have a lot of metalheads though. I figure it would be just as nasty living there as in Norway or any of the other Scandinavian countries. Then when you mix in Denmark and Iceland you get Hamlet/Bjork/Black Metal!

    1. Zack,
      Thanks for dropping by the cave and commenting.
      Those Scandinavian countries are supposed to be great places: very intelligent people with high incomes. I always thought of metalheads as some of the more affluent rock fans. I think the least intelligent and poorest fans are found in our own United States! It might be a cool post to really get into what a typical fan of a genre is…if there is such a thing? And it is great to get visits from all over the world and Greenland baby made my week!

      Keep rockin’ man.


      1. Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t call that Metal. It’s interesting stuff though. I always like hearing people sing in other languages. What is that? Greenlandish?
        It sort of reminds me of folk music.

    1. Welcome Dani and it is a pleasure to meet you!
      You have really made my week and made this crusty old rock guy sing a little happiness. I don’t know much about your country although from what I have seen-the landscape is stunningly beautiful. Wish you the best and drop by anytime.


  2. I would be thrilled to have a visitor on my site from Greenland, too. My son’s Air Force buddy is stationed there right now. I keep hoping he’ll send me a postcard to add to my collection, but then I wondered — does Greenland even have any postcards???

    1. Thanks for visiting -it is just incredible that people from all over get together in this blogosphere.
      I have checked out the fascinating blog on Greenland by Dani who you can find in this thread-she writes about everyday life in a place that is so remote to most of us—-great stuff and I am honored that she dropped by my site. And I also thank you for visiting- I really do appreciate every visit and comment!

    1. I do admit to campaigning fiercely for that one visit. 🙂 And Santa should know that us bloggers don’t want him to bring his sled over….just go online Nick from your Greenland North Pole home and click our sites!

      1. Damn it, just checked my stats and the elusive Greenlander hasn’t even looked at my blog yet! Although, it is nice to see a few visits from Bjork (who else do I know in Iceland?).

  3. Great post. I too have never been “freshly pressed” and while I appreciate the sentiment I don’t really get the awards thing. It reminds of Facebook stuff a bit too much.

    I can’t say that I know if I’ve ever had a hit from Greenland! I’m sure they love Metal there as much as Canadians do. I’ve always wanted to see Greenland, actually. I’m fascinated by the northern latitudes.

    I think blogging success is exactly as you describe it. My bottom line is having fun, and of course everything’s more fun when you have a few people playing with you. So I’m grateful for WordPress, it has been a great hobby and I’ve bought so much cool music because of conversations we have right here. And I will continue to discover new music here!

    1. There is a point where you just let go of what you think it is like out here and become a blogger. You are right Mike…it becomes a hobby, a labor of love and really glad of a few faithful souls like yourself that drop by.

      1. I’m pleased that WordPress has a community of intelligent bloggers…if you went to a site like, say…Blabbermouth, would you find this level of conversation? Heck no!

    1. I don’t think it was intentional-like the hit from Mongolia- or all the basketball picks I made in the Warren Buffet Challenge…ONE AND DONE! but Oh how sweet my world map looks now!

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