Roxy Music- the edge of gay

Roxy music is a straight band

Roxy music can be enjoyed by discerning heterosexuals all over the world.

It also has a few tags associated with it like Proto Punk? … Really?, Is this art history with you music critics? And sort of gay? – Which is what I will try and write about next-

I think it means if you play “Avalon” at 3 in the afternoon in a random gay bar somewhere in the world- they are not going to throw beer bottles at you.

As a proud straight man that likes women and loves one woman very much, I feel the need to write what nobody else will write. I have loved art and loved great music my entire life-and I have been suspected of being gay because of that for my entire life. This may be just my baby boomer generation that likes to pigeon hole everyone based on the few attributes that they see on the surface. I pray and hope that kids now can let other kids just follow their passions without making general assertions.

Like the stranger that rolls into town in an old west movie who everyone assumes is a gunfighter and wants to give him a try. “I am not pulling out my six shooter to go one on one with other dude —-I am not that cowboy!”

This is going to sound bad and it is going to sound a tad homophobic of me and I want to dispel that. I don’t have a problem with people loving who they want to love. I admit not understanding it completely, but that does not mean that I automatically hate and fear it. When we fear another group and give them a name to remove any connection to us as humans –bad things always happen. Bad things are happening.

It may be a good thing that I only have 10 nor 12 regular readers at the moment.

Music should always bring us together and not separate us-

Roxy music gets forgotten among the great bands of all time. Brian Eno and Brian Ferry have both achieved much success on their own. They are a pop band with clean sophistication. They don’t break up when they go on hiatus-they simply choose to arrange other things in their lives and then rejoin when it is agreeable for them to do so. They don’t try to put out re-heated weak new music, their catalog is good and Avalon is a good place to stop.

From an artistic point of view-this is also one killer album cover


This one is an old favorite:

I will end this post with a song that went the other way and ended up in the pop world.

There is cross-pollination among music all the time and that is a good thing.

Bronski Beat.Smalltown Boy.

And as always- Cheers from the cave!


8 thoughts on “Roxy Music- the edge of gay

  1. Hi Wayne 3:42AM here in Austalia and I should be sleeping. Now about Roxey v Gay theory – since I’m a boomer and around back in the day… No Gay vibe then or now. He wasn’t an alpha male and he was creative and above all Very English and it was soft rock. So anyone with those 3 would appear Gay to Americans or possibly Aussie now.
    Just curious how you found The verve curve? I’m just finding my niche and style. Just a beginner! You write well . My post are going to be brief it’s more about the content that could ve of value to others and a place for me to store my goodies.
    Thanks for stopping by. Also really like the clips. I love American 1978+ is my favorite. Jackson Brown, etc also some jazz – do you know the Yelllow Jackets? Now you have me started. All the best… Cheers Jenn

    1. I tend to visit new blogs in a big flurry of activity every couple of weeks and tag the ones that look interesting with a “like” button so that I can go back and find them. WordPress has this cool “posts I like” channel that gets you back to the ones you liked real quick. That is a long answer to say “I have no idea where you were in the feed-but you did look interesting enough to check back on.”
      I especially like new blogs because all new blogs are still gelling into something as people find a voice that works out here.
      And unless you come in as a professional or famous writer- that tends to take a little experimentation. Which is OK-
      I live in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. We still have snow on the ground as I write this- I love to write about how music makes me feel and why people like the music they like. It is sort of like food as people don’t think about why or why not -they just eat.
      With that in mind-Roxy music does have just a tinge of gay aftertaste about it- you may be right about the triple threat of …1.English 2.Beta Male that dresses fancy 3.Sorta jazzy sounding and very clean that give it that little nudge.
      thanks for stopping by and good luck with your blog-remember it does take a little while- so be patient.


  2. Love Roxy Music! Was seriously addicted to a “Mother of Pearl” YouTube video in 2013. I watched/listened to it an embarrassingly large number of times, no joke! 🙂

  3. Another fantastic post on a great band, although I wonder how many classic rock fans you’ll scare away with that header (haha). I love how you closed with “Avalon is a good place to stop.” I assume that’s an endorsement to check out their entire catalog.

    Speaking of their entire catalog, if you’re willing to indulge me in a little promotion, I wrote a 4-part series on their discography back in 2011. For anyone who’s curious you can find that series here:

    1. No problem Rich…you are always a great stop for detailed critiques on all the great rock bands. I will check it out myself as I missed that one. Your site is like one of those forensic cop shows: you lay the albums out and slice them apart with the bright lights shining to reveal all the truth.
      And I want to wake rock music fans up and make them laugh a little, if they are not too scared to drop over to the cave. 🙂

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