Reboot Yourself

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Reboot Yourself

I started “Blogging 201” last week and have been making some changes with the website.

I am not done yet.

These are not tweaks – these are discarding the clutter to keep the vision clear.

I am not abandoning rock music—I am bringing it with me on my new adventures.

I just need to stand up and declare to my music purist friends – that I am not one, or at least; not a good one.

Although I respect and admire those of you that stay on point and on topic. I guess I do not have the discipline to keep this blog “In the lines”.

I am faced with two options –

One: Abandon it altogether and do something more “useful” with my time.

Two: Rock it out in the direction it is pulling me and go as far as it will take me—with feeling.

So here we go with option two and you are most welcome to join me.

And as always-Cheers from the cave!

12 thoughts on “Reboot Yourself

  1. Thanks for stumbling by my blog Wayne – am definitely a newbe at this but learning all the time – agree you cannot separate subject from self – we are what we are and we are what we do – it all makes the world an interesting place!

    1. Don’t worry…in the imortal words of Judas Priest “you gotta another thing comin”—- this has been both my sanctuary and my escape.

    1. Thank you – it is time to open up all the rides and shows in this county fair brain of mine- i can’t contain it!—-The challenge is to keep it easy to navigate and a great visit. “It’s a freeing up, people should envy us, I envy us” 😉

  2. Wayne,
    You should know my take on this by now. What started for me as a blog about video games has become so much more…a reflection of me. I can’t help it. My life and interests are so much more than one primary thing. And I see the same in you. We are artists, Wayne. We are pulled and pushed. Let the music be your guide. Let your interests be your guide. Whatever, however – just don’t stop writing.

  3. Blogging 201 – I like that. ______ 101 is often used to describe a beginner concept, makes sense to have an intermediate version.

    And to quote John Mayer’s No such thing:

    “They love to tell you
    Stay inside the lines
    But something’s better
    On the other side”

    So wherever outside the lines the blogging journey takes you, go for it!

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