What we doing tonight Brain?”

“Same thing we do every night Pinky — Try and take over the world!”

The WordPress world map is my favorite of all the “how is your blog doing?” tools.

The first time I saw it I thought- “Wow, this is kinda cool and somebody found me from Canada.

And then, I had this thought that must pass through the mind of every WordPress blogger at least for an instant——–I —er, yes me—-want every country to visit my blog; from the little ones that I don’t know exist to the big ones that scare me—-every country in the whole world!!!

And why do we think this crazy Napoleonic thought?

Because WordPress puts this map on our nice new blog with all these blank spots that need to be filled in.

We can’t help ourselves.

Below is my progress on this map:

world map 2014

Except for Africa and that middle east/central Asia part-we are doing pretty good.

The day I got my Greenland hit  is one of my single most proud moments in my blogging life. I still remember how warm the hot chocolate was and my screams of joy almost resulted in a 911 call from my neighbor’s house—-that was a great day.

I made a joke about a Mongolian yak herder in a post about Joe Bonamassa and got a hit from Mongolia-that was kind of weird but also cool at the same time.

A couple days ago I got a visit from Laos or more accurately “Lao People’s Democratic Republic” – this one was not on my radar. I saw the country light up and thought for a moment it was North Korea.—-Oh no!  Kim Jung Un is at the cave!–it would have to be, right?- because he is the only one in the whole country with Wi-Fi.

But no, this was next door. North Korea Lite

Which makes this post a little dangerous because nothing stops anyone in the world from taking a glance at it.

Hope you have a good sense of humor.

And hope that whatever corner of this friendly or unfriendly world you find yourself in. This post finds you in good spirits.

Cheers from the cave!

2 thoughts on “What we doing tonight Brain?”

  1. Reporting in from Australia. Thanks for the likes and follow on my blog. I travel a lot and promise to drop in from various destinations. Pity I didn’t find you earlier this year when I travelled the Silk Road from Tehran to Beijing.

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