Winter scenes



Taking a few pictures that give an idea of what we have around the cave this time of year. I went to one of my favorite places on the Hudson river and there were more than a couple hunters with high-powered rifles in these same woods. I understand the passion about the sport and the need to keep the deer population in check (because we killed all the wolves that used to do this job without having to spend $800 bucks at the nearest Cabela’s!)—-having said that—–I really did not want to get shot at—and I wasn’t,… so….


Cheers from the cave!



11 thoughts on “Winter scenes

  1. Your pics are beautiful – that is my MAIN comment…love beauty and smiles.

    PS – Each to his own but I just never got that shooting animals with high-powered rifles is a “sport” – now, wrestling a bull moose for food with nothing but your shorts on – THAT’s a sport! 8-D

    1. Thanks Doc – I don’t partake of this “sport” myself but I understand the ingrained-many-generational-man-vibe deal that goes with it—it is something you deal with when you live in the woods. And as long as they are respectful of the kill- I am reluctantly ok with it as part of nature here.

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