Feeling a little Anarchy with my nomination

Thanks to my blogging friend Apple Pie for the nomination


I needed a little kick start to get the cave rumbling. One quote a day for three days – I can do that!

There are no limits to where our brains can take us. We are, if there be a God, God’s gracious creation.

John Lydon

I believe we are “all that” as this quote says – but I respect the “questioning everything” of the punk mentality. Artists don’t always know where it comes from but none hesitate to create with it.

He does wade in some deep waters

I like him because he just steps boldly and gets on with it – that it what it is all about.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But so what

You cannot please everyone.

(Always a bad sign when you have to go to France to get respect)

But whatever

Here he is now:


And we remember fondly the youthful exuberance:

It always warms the heart

I have to go – the kettle is boiling and I need another cuppa


4 thoughts on “Feeling a little Anarchy with my nomination

  1. Anyone notice that Axel Rose stole a lot of Johnny Rotten’s* moves LOL
    Yes, but he never copied the kid’s courage to do his thing hell or high water.

    I loved those guys so much I thought about sticking a safety pin through my cheek…
    but how safe would that be???


    1. By moves – I guess you mean the one move that Axel had working….the upright-swimming-fish move. And I too loved these guys and could never bring myself to live in a squat (although those that visited my first couple apartments might argue with that—a squat might have been an upgrade) Thanks for stopping by Doc!

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