Night Swimming – under the radar


I am thinking of going anonymous with a hidden blog so I can swim a little further out – there is stuff I can’t share with my friends – there is stuff I can’t share with anybody I know. (or more accurately: anybody that knows me)

When I say can’t~

I guess I can.

No – don’t think so.

What stuff we talking about cave guy? – you are a free sharer on your blog and on your Facebook. Some might say a nauseating over-purveyor of pics and sayings and all kinds of crap.

No – I am not.

Because I am conscious of the audience – on Facebook there are lots of kids —including my kids.

And on WordPress there are lots of … well everybody …. including an occasional visit from my mom.

Does that limit me or is the censorship a curb that keeps my insanity digestible?

So a question to my anonymous friends out there.

What do you think?

Does it help you to keep a veil between you and us?

I am not talking about “coming out” but “going in”.

Like a skinny dip in the pool at night with no one watching. (see- should I even say that? A bit edgy don’t you think, but then again —at my age and physique coupled with my pedestrian appearance – is anybody really going to be intrigued?)


This picture was taken at daybreak last February at the infinity pool in Cancun! Loved that trip!


35 thoughts on “Night Swimming – under the radar

  1. I love the freedom that comes from blogging anonymously. No limits on what you share, so you can dig DEEP. But, let me warn you…the grass sways looks greener. I grapple with wanting to share more of my anonymous deep posts on my FaceBook page, or how to open up a few anon blog posts with key local friends. There are pros and cons to each approach.

    Just discovered your blog though and loving it. Inspirational & witty. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words – I went “anony-lite” — I have a new site but it is not that hard to find and still the same profile- I did password protect some of more sensitive stuff — so i guess I am snorkeling, not full scuba diving yet! 🙂

      1. Yes I saw you mention your other site in one of your posts, but have not yet found it. I’m typically looking at WordPress on my mobile device, perhaps it’s easier on the computer. I will keep searching 😉

      2. I don’t put the link here because I need some separation from my worlds – if you email me at I will be happy to send it to you — But I warn you – it deals directly with me being a recent widower and rebuilding myself. Which everyone tells me is a process – a winding road to a new life. So no pressure at all to join me there but always happy with new visitors. It is a total catharsis type blog.

  2. Interesting question, Wayne. I reckon that you should post how you see fit, but I wouldn’t like to think you feel you need to ‘self censor’ by posting anonymously elsewhere. That said, I’m not sure many folks I know follow my scriblings, so in a way I remain anonymous …

    So, I guess what I’m saying is: roll with it, Wayne. Keep posting … here or elsewhere!

    1. Thanks J – I need to do it so I can come back to my self —-I have lost my wife and I have quit my job – these worlds have collided — and I need to fix that.

    1. Thanks GH – and let me ask you – would you write the same if everyone knew you?

      I am still keeping this blog active….I just need to get some of the strife from the last couple years out – and it will be offensive and graphic. It sits on my brain until I let it go – so we will see what happens.

      Always appreciate your honest thoughts.

      1. Hmm….I write about people but giving them funny psuedo names…those who read are people who don’t know me and a few know me …..but I have gone through so much that I cannot be bothered. So long as I do not slander or defame anyone, my experiences are unique to me.

        BUT…I pen under Garfield Hug so there 🙂 and my good friends know me as this name 🙂 They have gotten use to my “madness” or ventings.

        If you really need to vent and feel better being anonymous or under a different name…go ahead and splurge. I hope this helps encourage you to go ahead and let it gooooooo!!! 🙂

  3. I love being anonymous. I don´t think I have any real life crossover at all, and so I don´t worry about what I say nearly as much as I do with IRL views. I have a very hard time talking about myself, so anonymous is the way I learn to do it.

    1. Thanks 3K&I —I’m going in – I need to write about subjects that I avoid to get them out of my system….good, bad or indifferent—and it might help someone else. Known me is not going to be more specific. 🙂

  4. I actually did an anonymous blog for a while, just so I could rant and complain without anyone knowing who I was. After a while I was all ranted and complained out and also, making my blog poetry helped to tone down my feelings, so I stopped maintaining the other. Just my experience though.

    1. Thanks Marissa – This helps, I need to get this stuff out —- and maybe after doing that, I will be good and can stop. I know from experience that a new blog stuck in a corner can easily get no traffic at all —and i am good with that as well. And – I have to add that is is good to see you doing so well with your poem type format—- We evolve as people and our blogs evolve as well. Take care, Wayne

      1. Yes, also it was kind of weird because I saw that the people who followed my main blog started following that one as well and I kind of felt dishonest communicating with them without telling them who I was but I’m sure not everyone has a problem with that.

      2. Thanks again Marissa,
        Part of it is the new stuff may be complete crap – so I want to take it for a spin first —another part is being between jobs and having time – But, the biggest part: I am a different person and still coming to terms with it —- I mean , I have the same body and I am in the same town but me is not me—On the other hand-therapy may be easier. 🙂

      3. Yes, I know a lot of changes for you. I hope it goes well. I would ask you to send me the link if and when you get it going, but maybe that defeats the whole purpose.

      4. I might do that Marissa, it’s not fellow bloggers I want to exclude -we are all sharing ourselves – so I feel like we are kindred spirits – Let me get it up and see if it is fit for any man or beast first. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure all these people understand, it’s not like years ago Geoff. But this blog would stay up – I need to try new things – I need a big belly-flop-splash into the big pool. We got to make some waves!!!

      1. I’m in the water, singing the song of the siren, “dive, dive, dive in Wayne! The water is just fine!” Gmail me tiffanybeingfree and I’ll show you mine 😉

  5. I think it is liberating to just be you and not worry who the audience is…but having said that, sometimes it begins with sharing with anonymous people who embrace that side of you and make you feel okay with being proud of whatever that is (e.g. naked swimming) to then share with the world. I think your friends and family will embrace you more if you are being your true self and sharing that with them…

    1. Thank you – I guess “liberating” is the right word – It is more about trying some new stuff – like this blog is a friendly 2.7% beer and the new edgy material would be a backwoods moonshine—that kind of thing!

      1. But then that means everyone who reads this blog won’t know what your new anonymous one is- unless you give a cryptic clue! 😉 Cause now you have us curious about the moonshine. What if you forget and post moonshine content on your beer blog???

      2. It could be a complete belly-flop or it could be awesome – best thing to do is get it going and then figure out what to do with it – I will keep everyone updated.

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