Walking on water is faith

icewalkingWhile I was walking on Mirror Lake –  I was thinking   “wow’ – this is cool – this is like …  ice on a wound.

Maybe “wow” is not the right word – How about “whoa!”

The snow was fluttering down like at the end of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Big Flakes – big fluffy formations that will melt in your mouth if you just open up to receive this frozen manna from the heavens.

And I did

I don’t care who is watching and I don’t care what anybody thinks – I am walking on a frozen lake in a snow squall and I am….

I am …

Walking in faith

Walking on water is always that – and walking on a frozen lake is walking on water.


I know from the science that water freezes at 32 degrees F or Zero degrees C. And while that freezing takes place the temperature remains the same.

If you put a thermometer in a glass on freezing water it will be exactly zero.

But something amazing is happening —TRANSFORMATION

I am working through this grieving process which frequently leads me to still places in my mind — and still water has this soothing effect.

Not stagnant water (there is a difference, believe me,  spent enough time swimming in that!) — This is calm, pristine and renewing water.

Nothing is more still than frozen – nothing more pristine than a mountain lake and nothing more like walking to a renewed shore than walking on water.

I am the same – but transformation is happening.

And yeah that was yesterday in Lake Placid (of all places)

[I am not making this up -I am just trying to live my life]





17 thoughts on “Walking on water is faith

  1. This is beautiful. Really different. I know I said in my post on Community Pool that I’d give anyone who read my blog some blogging advice in return but I really can’t think of anything to say. It’s AMAZING!!
    Blog: https://literatureandstuff.wordpress.com
    Also, check out my community – BloggerWorld – on Google+

    1. That is really nice of you to say BookGirl – Thank you – I like to visit new blogs that are unsure, because —–that was ALL of us when we fumbled around at the start. You just have to keep writing and keep caring and it will stick — it will.

  2. Not skating on thin ice, but stepping out in faith and certainty that conditions may be strange, the world may look different, but each step takes you forward into a new place, and each step is stronger than the last.

    1. You hit it right there – that’s the thing that gets lost —-Everything is different – you don’t know what to wear and where to go —you don’t know who you are —but stepping out makes things better. And not stepping out makes things worse. That I am figuring out. Thank you for stopping by.

      1. 😉well nothing right now my friend – except to say I am still loving your comment on Hopper! Ha! Seriously – another comment also said you described it exactly the way she would!
        And best wishes to you as you Heal and move forward! Hang in there because so much good can come from the mess!

      2. I went to the Art Institute when I was in Chicago just to see “Nighthawks” and was/still am memorized – All his paintings have that same “tonic” – And thanks for the kind comments – I am a work in progress.

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