“Naked” site active.


New “naked” incognito site is active.

I know there are two moons in this illustration from my notebook…. so my question to you … Mr. or Ms. typical blogging friend.

Do you want to see my naked thoughts?

I will be brutally honest and tell you: this is not an enticing web address.

This is bare-brutal-raw stuff that oozes from my mind as I deal with the grieving and transition process from losing my soul mate.

I need to get it out — and it is not pretty.  It may not even be that good.

I was hoping for 70% self-wallowing drivel mixed with 30% humor and philosophy.

I thought that was a low enough barrier to hit.

I am running about 95/5 now – so this thing is not road ready.


The idea is an outlet site for the intense personal stuff – so that the cave can get back to being the cave.

Full of fun, photos, art, and music along with the witty banter you all have come to know and love.

I like that guy too! In fact, I am that guy! I need to let that guy live and breathe and dance again.

Right now I am both guys at once.

And I don’t think it is fair to you, my web friends, to slog over the same ground – just plowing and re-plowing – with no planting and no reaping anywhere on the horizon.  Grief is like that.

The new site is tucked away in a dark corner on WordPress – I am not going to add a link here.

If you are smart and know me — you can probably find it — but then again, maybe not. (there are a crap load of web sites out here folks!)

Some of the posts will be password protected because of sensitivity (at least right now). This is ground that I am not willing to let a casual passerby waltz in the door and see.

An example of what I mean  — The Groundhog Day post is Cave material — Walking on Ice is best on the new site and would not need a password.

My giant big picture hope is that the new site can be polished into something that will help others going through similar loss. Because I think it is needed— All —  I mean all grief sites are heavy religious behemoths that always make you feel worse. That is a friggin’ crime and injustice to humanity!!!

So if you are brave enough to splash in this water with me —Please email me from the gmail address on this page and I will send you the link.

Thank you my friends (and I did use a cartoon double for my butt shot, I mean,… hey!, I got a reputation to preserve….right?)

Cheers from the Cave!






25 thoughts on ““Naked” site active.

  1. Wayne,

    “And I don’t think it is fair to you, my web friends, to slog over the same ground – just plowing and re-plowing – with no planting and no reaping anywhere on the horizon. Grief is like that.”

    I believe I’m not alone in thinking that what you need to say in your grief, as well as about it, is openly welcomed by your readers. Please, let us be here for you through the plowing and re-plowing. Allow us the opportunity to help you heal from this terrible loss.

    God’s blessings upon you

    1. Thank you and I have been doing just that on another site – I don’t put a link here because I have some close family that I don’t want to get involved with this side of me — if you email me from the address – I will send it to you. And it is helping. It is a process that I must go through– there is no going around it.

  2. Wayne–go for it. And I want to be there with you. Strength comes from so many different places and people that we are not even aware of. It is a journey that no one should have to go through alone. Sending you my email through your gmail account. I applaud you, my friend. Big hugs to you.

  3. I have not been following you long, but I have enjoyed the posts thus far. 🙂 I think I stumbled upon your blog for more reasons than what I thought.

    I have never dealt with losses well and last yr. was the worst one yet for them. I encourage you deeply to express all that needs to be let out, each moment in our lives are very different from one to the next. This has also inspired me to look more into grieving as well, maybe even to write about it in a separate place. It sounds like you are taking great care of your inner self and I wish you peace, oh and don’t forget the (((HUGS))). ^_^

    1. Thank you for the kind words – I just feel completely saturated with this and it keeps leaking out in all the wrong places – so I am trying to let it work itself by flowing on to my blog (and I had to start a new one). It is way more messy and debilitating than I could have imagined. I know all things pass – and I know life is a series of chapters – and I know that I know —- but the big emptiness …. So big that there is no room for anything else…. I did not see that coming. I did not understand. I do now. Sorry, I go to wallow mode in about 0.5 seconds. I am ok.

      1. I’m right there with ya on the emptiness thing, no need to apologize :). I can tell you have a good heart, and I believe it has and will continue to lead you where you need to be. Not sure why this came to me, but hopefully it helps~ a friend once told me “Right on, Write on”. I’m also a tremendous hugger in real life so here is another 😀 (((HUGS))) (you can never have enough 😉 ).

  4. Pouring it all out will help and I hope it does help you find a path through. Maintaining that “normal” front” when there is so much turmoil inside must be very tough. Will be following you, just sending email. Best wishes

      1. You can do it Wayne! I know you can. Just like I can handle all the pain and suffering with laughter and my breakup with Mr Ex…you can and will overcome 🙂
        Happy Happy Valentine’s Day weekend with your family.

  5. Pour your heart into it and don’t worry if it’s good or not, just honest. Just get it out, and later you’ll look at it and decide if some good will come of it. Surely something will… to lose someone so vital is the worst.

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