I talked about writing and then I stumbled here – I am not a big re-blogger, but this is too perfect not to be read.

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As I melted metal and struck flux gassed arcs, you cut into me and it felt good.  I liked to just watch you, to observe and the more I watched, the more I felt. I couldn’t help it or explain it. I did not want you in that sense. I just wanted to behold you, like a fragile beautiful thing, that cannot be touched.  I knew I would ruin you, so I kept my distance. I knew you would burn me, so I kept away, but I just wanted to get a bit closer, so I could see every detail of beauty.

You see, I  destroy things. If you were flawed and ugly, like me, you would have reason to run.  I always have liked things that are so messed up, that no one else wants them.  I like to take them in, try and fix them, and when my…

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