We are writers! ~non writing part 2


So many intelligent and thoughtful responses to my question on writing – I felt a follow up was in order.

I have come to some conclusions about this crazy act of blogging.

It takes a little guts to just “stand up and spit”  (sorry, Eminem mode)

 We go from the big three things stuck in our head –

  1. I have something to say.
  2. I need to get something off my chest.
  3. I want to connect with like-minded others.


  1. I said it
  2. It’s gone
  3. Hello

Those three things happen the instant we hit the publish button.

Some of my more cynical readers might say – I’ll give you the first two caveman – but the third? No interaction by hitting publish – no likes, no comments, no nothing.

Wrong – wrong and wrong

The moment your thoughts are out – you have made a connection – You have taken stuff from your brain and published it.

It is out there — you do not own it anymore — anyone that reads it could have a reaction you will never know about. You have no idea

Yes, every blogger ~ even the “much maligned” food blogger* can connect.

Imagine a family that had the “best damn apple blueberry turnover” (recipe from a food blog) – and eating that turnover moved Grandma so much that she finally told everyone where the 36 gold bars were buried on the old family farm — which led to a very generous offer on that property for the current owners…. which made their day because they wanted to move to Nebraska anyway. (why anybody would move to Nebraska is a question that can’t be answered in the limited space of this post!)

Isn’t that a beautiful story – an entire family united together in common greed – it warms the heart.

But we don’t know the situation of each family member.

And we don’t know the good that could come from getting out of debt and thriving instead of surviving.

We don’t know what will happen with a post.

That is both scary and exhilarating.

So keep spitting it out on-line

This requires at least a Part 3

Cheers from the Cave!



*Yes people – food bloggers are bloggers too – it does not matter what the subject of a blog is – all bloggers are relevant if the content is interesting and the writer is passionate – a food blogger can hit this mark.  In fact -If I, the Cave Guy, started a food web site — do you think it would be boring?

Notes: Good rappers take brutal honesty about their life – package it to their fans with rhyme and beat –  And connection happens – They don’t know what their music will do —-BUT – connection is made.

Good bloggers take brutal honesty about their life – package it with words and images  to their readers – And connection happens —– etc….etc…etc…

We are more alike than not alike.

I thank everyone for the great comments and will do my best to visit your home on the web and reciprocate — because that is what this is all about!

26 thoughts on “We are writers! ~non writing part 2

  1. Wayne that’s a really intriguing equation, relevance = interesting content + passionate writing.
    This post certainly has all 3 of the above, I’d be keen to read a part 3 in this writing trilogy!

    1. Yeah – you reduced it down perfectly – I guess that is what I said – those two always make the right answer – this a formula for a great post? Thanks

  2. Honesty can be brutal. But honesty, is truth. This post reasonates with me and yes, once published it is in cyberland. The blog post community is an encouraging one and we are or at least, I am, taught blogging responsibility. We are all unique in style and character. Thanks for sharing. 😊

    1. “Honesty can be brutal” sounds like a great title for a blog GH! You are right – we are nice people here! And we are all different – it’s what makes it wonderful.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it then I write a post that gets lots of likes and great comments and I have my answer. I only wished more books were sold from it. If you want to do a food post, I would read it, I love food.

  4. Wayne,this is great and perfectly timed! I was trying to explain to a friend how blogging has been so incredibly freeing and healing for me. She has not published yet, though she has started her blog. Sending this to her now in the hopes it helps her with the spitting it out there!
    I love your explanation is what that all means! ❤️ Tiffany
    Thank you for the note to make sure I was ok!

    1. Thanks Tiffany -The power of writing things down and sending them out is something you can’t understand ’till you take the plunge – please send me a link if your friend jumps in. 🙂

  5. Likes and I are in divorce. I do like likes, but she sure seems to prefer distance from me. I reckon I could change for her and act like someone I’m not. I prefer happiness over likes. So the third one brings to me something that I have critsized as never having wiped my ass. And that is hope. Hope that what I help myself with, just may help more than that.
    Thanks bro.

    1. I am maybe a bit of an “over liker” BBB – But these are not “love” buttons to click – these are “likes” – the free-er you are with them – the more seem to come back. I admit that I am guilty of being an over-liker! But I am equally thankful of those that will throw one my way even if I am not perfect—-bloggers are generous souls.

      1. I’m good with it. I was manical with likes for awhile. It was a poor investment if I measured it. I don’t mind isolation or the feeling of being isolated. I’m content with who I’m dancing with.
        I read a post on here last week where the blogger had aquired 1000 followers in a month. I felt envy, which was soon followed by joy. Joy for that blogger and myself. The joy for myself was for staying true to myself. Just blogging for the joy of doing it my way. The joy for the blogger was from assumption that they were too doing it their way.

      2. We are here for all kinds of reasons – and we all know blogs that are just attention hounds with no substance – you can get likes and followers while saying nothing!! Happens every day! I am glad you are here making the part of the blogging landscape you are connected with better my friend!

      3. You got me thinking about this and I will do a post – My most liked post has no words. “Orange” is a “like” beast — partly because I linked it with a photo challenge and liked a bunch of other photos in that challenge. BUT -It is also a “killer” shot that I was lucky enough to take. The power of an image as a header for a blog post can’t be discounted – even a bad image is better than no image…. I draw, I take photos – I have a big advantage in this game.

      4. That’s a sound point. I ain’t much of a drawer, but I do like taking photos and looking at photos. Something for me to consider going forward.

  6. Blogging should be fun-I personally do not like long drawn out posts-quick and to the point lets move on. I am a busy woman with a large family but maintain 8 web sites daily! I follow so many blogs and enjoy so many as time permits. I am into real life (as I live in reality every day) some blogs more personal, some more funny, its the variety of sharing that’s fun. “You Rock” Dude! Cheryl
    PS I have a blogging friend in Omaha, Nebraska (So I really cracked up on that one) http://www.hostessatheart.com (Meet Julie and John)! LOL (yes really…)

    1. Thanks Cheryl – always great to hear form you — and extra thanks for fitting me in with the 8 blogs you have —I don’t know how you do it!! *8 blogs and Nebraska! you are a hero!

      1. My friend in Nebraska is the only real person I know that lives there! BaHaHa. Never came across another resident of Nebraska before-so the correlation was a hoot. As for the 8 blogs they keep me jumping with fun Wayne! You ROCK dude! Cheryl

      2. Sure, one is my main site, another one is Food Trivia and Fact, another one helping those on a budget, Cooking with Citrus (I live in Florida and we grow citrus), List of Worldwide Bloggers (Food), Top Ten Comfort Foods-tips, gardening, One is strictly recipes, I also contribute recipes to Tasty Kitchen.com a public community recipe sharing site where I have 1,383 recipes and still submitting which is where this all started to begin with. I have so many interests it would be impossible to have on one site. Name that Tune Sundays, sharing Florida Living and adventures, quotes and fun stuff-stories short and sweet. Pic’s, photo’s I find to reblog of interest. Host of stuff and I enjoy it all. I’ll usually draft and save and get back to it. Some of them are posts that are scheduled and ready. Sometimes I just blog on the fly whatever comes to my mind of interest (nothing political or religious however, those are personal topics I stay away from). They are meant as a fun place to visit, informative without being drawn out. I do not like things that are negative. So my glass is half full!!!Since I thrive and live in the real world that’s what I blog about-real stuff. You still ROCK dude! Cheryl

      3. Thanks – I will hit that recipe site up — cooking is something that
        I need to expand on quickly – Starting a different life means learning many new things.

  7. wayne, everything you said here is so darn true. If you have something to say and finally do get if off your chest and publish–how have you not connected? And why would you not want to? I love our bloggy world here. Good day, bad day–log into my blog family (and yes, it is truly family) and I have to smile at all the personalities that mingle and click. Keep on keeping on; I will, too. Connection made. Take care of you.

    1. Thanks Loisajay – And the thing that is happening —- blogging friends can tell when you are down – And they get to picking you back up -great people out here.

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