Space Junk

02271602Taking the dog out to pee in the early morning when still dark.

I look up and see a plane and beyond that something else is sliding across the sky.

A satellite – cool – that is not a plane.

How do you know?

  1. Looks like a star moving at the speed of a plane*

*(yes turbo geeks – I know it is much faster and much higher up than a plane – but those ratios line up to make it “appear” the same speed to the observer. Everything is relative – Einstein said that!!! So there!)

  1. No flashing lights on a satellite.

That is it people — You are a satellite hunter – go forth and catch one!

There is a great website where you can track these things.

You put in your location and then you get a map with predictions of all the things that orbit bright enough to see– this means I could check the chart and find out that a soviet rocket body launched in 1984 just flew over me and my dog.

Hint: If it is straight up in the sky above your head — you are looking for the magic 80 degree number to help you narrow it down.


I drew my little not to scale map because it got me thinking how I look from up there – A random non-descript person with a huskie/corgi  dog. Outside looking up – The sun has to be at the right angle to light this rocket for me to catch it. I am alive on the planet earth. I am somebody and me and my dog are ok.

This is a big deal – to realize how special it is to be involved in the grand scheme of the universe in a moment. Which by the way — is every single moment!

We only get so many of them.

I am a lucky man.

I am.

Notes: My next post will be the cave re-launch post – I am trying something new which means fixing all the typos and glitches before I publish.

Thanks for the support and happy existing everyone!

15 thoughts on “Space Junk

  1. When I saw your pic, I laughed internally about it not being to scale and had a feeling you’d mention it and you did, so it made me laugh a little more- went from an internal laugh to the kind of laugh that sounds like you are clearing your nose haha. I’ll check out heavens above- that is cool! This scale of the universe site is pretty cool- one of my most favourite things I have ever seen online:

    I think they are trying to sell an app with it now (and why not? they deserve reward for creating such an amazing tool- so be patient with the link to get it to actually work and not direct you to a site to buy the app (unless you really want to). Enjoy!

    1. I will check it out thanks – see that about the “scale” I am not that difficult to figure out if you hang around the cave a bit, great to make people laugh again with my posts — long time coming Mek — And I am in the process of picking out a painting – it will be a surprise! 🙂

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