Music and Ink…..and blogging

Music and Ink…..and blogging

I woke this morning with full awareness that my mind and spirit were connected, attached to my body that was hurling through space on a giant rock. That rock was spinning in a beautiful dance of gravity playing a part in an endless universe … which may be just a drop in a vast ocean of countless other universes.

Yeah baby, I’m back!

It makes all the mundane connections with people I know seem nothing short of miraculous.– I mean,…  to make “me”— all these weird connections of people, places and things over the eons of time since before we even got to living in the caves – I just think about that — everything had to line up or this “me” that is writing would not be here—- and that goes the same for each person that reads this — and also the same for the lady at the deli that I will let cut in ahead of me because she has two screaming kids and needs to get her maple ham and American cheese.

Which makes the connections that are truly “special” nothing short of divine because ….. I mean, …. What are the chances that you and me have a conversation?

It just causes the brain to ignite and fire countless neurons to not figure out.

You may think that this is a strange —- but I think like this all the time —– and have not thought like this in many weeks.

Because I was not connected.

My mind was in severe pain – my spirit was lost and whirring out of control – and my body seemed to disconnected.

They said I was depressed – I don’t know if that word fits – but I will go with it because it and me were so similar that you could not tell us apart even at a short distance.

So we go to ink –

A thought in my mind – that becomes a sketch (in fact, many sketches before it was right) – that goes into illustrator to become a vector – that sings to me in a perfect riot of frenzied negative space.



My mind thinks it – my spirit is at peace with it – the tattoo artist inks it to my body – we are all together again. One happy family that is the trio of the Wayne. I am here – I am validated.

My first tattoo – and already thinking how to add to it.

And as I ran through the chords of “Key to the Highway” last night on my acoustic guitar — I understand what Big Bill Broonzy was saying – I understand the feeling – I understand the blues.

I get it – there are things and feelings that we all share – that are the human condition – It’s part of jamming a spirit in a body and having a mind trying to figure out what to do with it- how to make a way – how to rise above and move forward.

Isn’t that part of why we blog? This need to connect and validate our existence.

I play a lot of guitar and I sing all the time – this is new – but was always there.

I just could not put in the work to access it – I don’t feel like that anymore.

I feel that I have nothing to fear – I feel that I better get whatever is in there out.

Be dammed if it is good or bad or indifferent.

Just get it out!

So I feel better – And the only reason I am writing instead of playing right now is because it is too early and I will wake the kids.

I leave you with a new song that speaks to me – attitude and blues – I need it.



13 thoughts on “Music and Ink…..and blogging

  1. It is so good to hear you are back and making music – a long lonely journey for you but it sounds as if the colour is returning to your life – I hope the kids feel that way too – your mood affects theirs too. Lots of good wishes.

  2. Hey hey Wayne – congrats on the tattoo – and nice of you w the lady who needed that ham! Ha!
    And welcome back – the beat for the song was good – and getting back from the side of the road will now be in my head all morning – ha!
    And don’t forget we need side of the road times in order to then have outpouring times – I think times of contemplative chilling are important – and it seems like “depression” is such a layered and loosely defined term so I dare not go there – but I do think “affect” can be like a faucet and we have to watch the flow of our emotions and learning to adjust handles is unique as we go thru different phases and stages in the ups and downs of life.
    And too often we miss out on the growth that comes from “funky” stages – oh I dunno – but glad you are back my fiend – and we all blog for different reasons (which also changes as we change) but blogging has made my life better – enriched it like velvet –
    Have a nice day and cool tat!

    1. Thanks for commenting and I agree with all that! Emotion is complex and layered – yes — I still have a drippy faucet.Those handles can get a bit funky!

    1. It was great Mek! I found the experience very gratifying – I get why people get hooked on it — I do have some other design work that I have to get finished first- But I am hooked!

      P.S. I just rewrote some of this post — wow – it was unreadable, wow, was I rolling this morning 🙂 — I know I am not a real writer — but whoa —- it was bad—- great to be back!!!

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