The Smiths.How Soon is Now

Just felt like playing this-I’m sorry that Morrissey recently had to cancel his U.S tour due to illness..this song says it all for those that can’t break out of the prison of themselves. I’ve been there and this song helped a great deal at that time. Pure genius!

Silversun Pickups.The Pit

Silversun Pickups with this song are psychotic-hypnotic-hipsterdisco-rock. Radiohead with a little sway; The Talking Heads from L.A instead of N.Y. This proves that Dave Letterman is still ice cool.

When I started doing this and all these great music bloggers were putting out a best of 2012 list-I had not listened to enough new music to join them- I am getting there and would throw this one on that list. (Yeah, a little late to the party but where are the plastic cups and I am good with whatever is in the keg, even if it is a little flat and warm by now, it still tastes great!)

Midnight Oil- Australian for Rock Music.


Monday song time and we find some miners in Australia fired from their jobs for doing a little underground Harlem Shake… O.K, this isn’t exactly like the Pussy Riot deal in Russia, but then again Australia is not exactly like anywhere else- it is “a land down under where women glow and men plunder”


So really going underground and digging a relic out of the cave this week. I saw this band play live once and they were incredible!!!  All conviction and piss and vinegar—amazing band and sorry they are done.


Australia stub
Australia stub (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Concrete Blonde

Concrete Blonde for Monday song time and today we have two. I don’t want to say I love this band or this band is cool, but I do and they are. It makes me glad to know they are still out there and working on a Brazil tour as I write this. The first song is the big hit Joey. The second  is the first song I ever heard from this band  and was hooked right then “True” sums it all up- a word to describe them.  They have been a genuine alternative/underground/independent band the entire way. They give you all they have at live shows. I don’t know what else to say about them other than enjoy.

5 Greatest Geek Rock Acts

A 'geek' rubber duck - side view
A ‘geek’ rubber duck – side view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think of myself as a geek-but I do watch the science channel and history channel more than the others and if they ever come out with a Stephen Hawking action figure; I may be tempted to add it to my collection. The cold hard fact is that when I think of any scenario and how a geek would act compared to a regular well-adjusted  person…….aaahhhhhhh….I would take the geek way—Ergo I must be a geek. So here is music about my people for my people… Forgive me this is difficult….kind of like when Luke finds out Darth Vader is his Dad…aaaahhhh…I did it again.

Note: Most of this is written from outside the geek world as I have just “come out” and  have not be officially welcomed by other geeks as one of their own. I mean no disrespect to my new brethren. This is still new to me. Enjoy!

5. Gwar

For the militant geek..You know that guy…if someone takes his seat in math class -he will laugh about it and then not let it go. This guy is in serious need of an outlet. A show by this band is just what the doctor ordered to let him have a bit of fun-(while getting sprayed with all manner of fake bodily fluids) and get all that rage out. Shock Rock dressed like game characters that rail against the evil system sounds like militant geek to me…think of them as a more unlikeable Kiss…I know… did not think it was possible to be more unlikeable than Gene Simmons? It is!!..Rage on geeks…rage on.

4.Weird Al Yankovic

He has taken the art of parody and turned it into science. He is the no-one that becomes everyone. Awkward at first glance- brilliant under the surface. The frog that says to the princess that tries to kiss him…”Whatever sweetie…got look for someone else to smooch…I am weird Al and I will rain my fury upon the entire music industry” White and Nerdy is geek brilliance shining so bright, it is almost cool.

3. They might be Giants

I once found myself at the acclaimed bastion of geekness called R.P.I  in order to find the room that these guys were playing in. Two guys that make a lot of noise in order to elevate the words of wonder that spill out from them as they preach to the converted followers of quirkiness. I love a band that relentlessly follows their vision through the hits and misses. You don’t have to suffer from full blown nerdness to enjoy them, but you do require some part of that disease running through your veins.


These guys started the revolution. They gave all geeks, nerds and social rejects a place to rally to. You can like computers and learn more than a few opening moves of chess(you never know when a surprise chess smack-down can happen) and still be O.K. It is alright to come out of the closet and admit that making your brain do some work might be some benefit to you and the world around you. And these dudes with the red plastic hats are laying down some funky beats…we can dance geeks…we can dance! Oh the joy and celebration! You think the iPhone would have been invented without the surge that these guys gave to the geek community? No way!


The hard days of the geek revolution are in the past. Technology runs the world and those that control and maintain this technology are living on the good side of the good towns. Basically…the geeks are running the world. So here is the emerged butterfly band of geekness flapping its wings in the bright sunshine of this new age. Put some of this music on as you lean back in the soft recliner and kick off those expensive slippers and bask in the delight that you have created. Take a drink of whatever you guys drink and enjoy it. We all call you Sir Geeks now!

5 good covers…. #5 Motorhead covers the Sex Pistols on German TV

No one can argue that this is a rock performance.

Nothing like a blast of Sex Pistols to get that holiday season going, here we go with another list and I want to tackle them one at a time because they demand respect. Motorhead’s version of “God save the Queen” comes in at #5

Lemmy is an icon and needs to be painted on any cave wall that talks about the history of rock music.  Some may think that heavy metal sounds cool and want to take it in a direction all their own and many have. Lemmy invented it-I know I am going to get arguments about Deep Purple and I have to admit that Smoke on the Water still sounds good. I also expect Ozzy fans to be all up in my stuff crying about the way he brought Satan and death into metal in a unique and digestible way. O.K …fine…but before we get crazy…the band Boston once claimed to have invented Heavy Metal (check the liner notes of the first Boston record). This is not a dig on any of those bands; although I reserve the right to take some shots in future posts.

With the same logic I used to proclaim that Jerry Lee Lewis made Rock n Roll an actual entity that you could see and hear and experience, I am going to say that Lemmy fleshed out heavy metal and turned it into the beast it became. He is another complicated and conflicted character that could only be a rock star or a guy pushing a shopping cart down the street yelling at himself.  He would have been great at either, I mean… would you get in his way if he was rolling a rusty cart with squeaky wheels right at you?

Anytime someone covers Johnny Rotten and Company, it gets my attention.  Whatever you think about the Sex Pistols…they were a catalyst for complete change in the landscape of music. The icon of heavy metal covering the icon of punk…delicious…makes you want to take a swig of warm beer and spit it at someone…Happy Holidays from the cave!