This Will Destroy You- They move on tracks of never ending light.

Post Rock

It does not shake us – it does not rattle us — it calls us


This image is from an early morning shoot at the lake a few weeks ago- it is a mundane effort that I originally over-saturated and turned gold. (original is on the bottom for proof of this dismal failure)


Then I wondered what would happen if I inverted the whole thing for the opposite effect.

Boom Baby!~  Black becomes white- yellow becomes blue – warm to cool and we are on to something. It takes it from warm reality to cool dream—-just one little [Ctrl-i] click of the keyboard and we have magic.

This Will Destroy You- They move on tracks of never ending light.

This song pulls me in to a void of contemplation-not a bad thing or a good thing; more like another realm of the mind thing—like stepping outside of yourself in order to take a little gander.

I think this band is from Texas and this is soothing stuff.

The blue image starting me thinking of this tune.

Below is the image that started this:

lake-george02-inver-smAnd sorry for using arty words like invert and saturation in a post.

Is that black metal or death metal? … And btw those are some bangin’ gauges.

I had to ask- I could not let it go-There was this kid listening to his music and I had to ask.

As a music fan who prides himself on not discounting any genre, (even something sounding still warm from being forged in the bowels of hell) this was a valid question.

The answer, a somewhat indignant – “This is death metal”

The difference as explained to me: Black metal is more rhythmic with complex guitar work while Death is more smash and thrash.

I will have to go with that because I am swimming a bit out of my depth here.

And I understand that part of the attraction is to reinforce the alienation that the listener wants to bathe in.

If that is your deal dude—go for it.

It just surprised me that I could insult someone by simply suggesting this sacred (or more correctly “anti-sacred”) death metal is associated with that whimpy-assed-candy-coated black metal.

Excuse me – I am a stranger here in electric land.

I got away with it mostly because I am just a curious and amicable middle aged person with all the malice worn off me at this point in my life.

I want music that inspires me and touches me- I do not want to summon up demons.

Mostly because they tend to want to hang around and don’t fall for those subtle hints— like…..”er hey guys, yeah it was real fun dancing around the fire and all but I got to put some ointment on these burns and crash, big day at work tomorrow—-so—er see you later?”

They tend to get under your skin and move right in.

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Waiting for Columbus-Little Feat-Cave Top 10


…one day at a friend’s house-this record was placed on the turntable and I was mesmerized by the hot-humid-swamp-funk that blasted through my ears = these boys were laying it down!

Let’s look at a couple songs:

Spanish Moon is like a “scared straight” Hotel California.

Instead of:

“On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night”

We get:

“Well the night that I got into town
Was the night of the rain, it froze on the ground
Down the street I heard such a sorrowful tune
Comin’ from the place they call the Spanish Moon”

And you don’t get the Captain bringing you wine as you contemplate the implications of dinner, or how you leave while not wishing to be impolite—-we have hookers, whiskey and bad cocaine that are bent on taking it all from you and leaving you on the frozen street outside.

“I don’t care who you are, you can wake up ruined
You can lose it all, down at the Spanish Moon”

I find this refreshing – no mucking about —tell it how it is and keep moving — also, throwing in a killer horn section don’t hurt.

Dixie Chicken

“But boy do I remember the strain of her refrain”

“The strain of her refrain”- man…that is beautiful

It is more than beautiful-it is everything I love about great music.

This “live” record captures a flame that burned hot for only a brief moment while Lowell George was ranting both poetically and comically.

He was still “willin”

Some slam this record for the weak moments of confused fluff-and there are a few – but they only serve to give perspective—-these are real people and Lowell was a troubled soul,  somehow they put it all together to produce a magic that could only come from the dogwood and jasmine.

This post is just a taste of a great record.

Another Cave top 10 – Cheers and thanks for reading!

Bob Marley Legend-Cave Top 10


Bob Marley Legend

Another of my cave top ten and I don’t care if it’s a greatest hits compilation.

I also don’t care if Will Smith had an un-natural love for it in “I am Legend”.

This record contains all the great Marley tunes that are easily consumable by anyone if they care to listen.

It is like a set of easily digestible and quality reggae that works for the initiated and uninitiated alike.

(At least until the re-release added a few numbers of a more “gamey” flavor)

Jimi once said “Are you experienced” – You don’t have to be and listening to this one record over and over will get you as much practical education as is necessary to become a full-fledged Marley fan.

That’s right- You do not have to smoke copious amounts of marijuana and spend countless nights out in the street being warmed by a burning trash can.

Listen and learn.

Listen and let it wash over you.

I love Bob Marley!

Note: I did this illustration in a graphics class a few years ago- it is black and white acrylic on board. We has to pick a picture to copy with some nice contrast in it so I chose the “I am Legend” movie poster and made the dude in it sort of a self-portrait.—-Not on purpose and also not accurate as I have never been this cool.





Where the Streets have no Name


U2  Joshua Tree- 1987 – Another Cave Top Ten

I am proud to say this is one of my favorite records. It has this ethereal atmosphere thing going on that can take a brother to the Promised Land.

Note: skip to 5:10 for the featured song—or just enjoy the whole thing.

I must digress and tell you my blogging friends that part of my connection to this record is deeply personal. Way back in the 80’s- I spent a couple weeks in the California high desert surrounded by Joshua trees in a tiny place that was so new-the signs for the streets were not there yet—in fact, the road was not there yet; just a flat dirt surface —they were building so fast.

This album always takes me back to that time- that time when my own self had no name – my brain was still figuring out the connections of what to be-what to turn on and what to turn off in order to make my own little tree of life shine.

And it goes deeper than that every time I hear it —it reminds me that we all form our future by the way we go about things every day and are free to change direction—are free to break out of destructive bonds—are free to think a different way—-are free to be more productive—-are free to learn and love and to help and to do the right things—-the things that matter.


“Streets have no names” means all that to you?

It kind of does

We should all get lost among the Joshua trees once in a while.

So put this down as another of my top ten-I am going to gut through them one at a time until they are done.

Disclaimer: While taking the dog out for a walk tonight, I came across this most awesome thistle—this is as close as I can get to a Joshua tree in 2014 in the Northeast- and it seemed to fit with the big vote going on in Scotland and all.

Cheers from the cave!





Catcher in the Rye- What a load of Pretentious Crap- & U2 new record


What is with Apple adding a U2 record to my iTunes library?-I hate it when stuff like that happens, it just depresses me- I feel like smacking my computer-I really do –maybe I will give this girl that I once hated a buzz and we can dance to it-I hated her but she was a really good dancer—I mean-she was as good as my kid sister and all-you never had to worry about if she danced wrong-she followed you all over the place-I hated her but I loved the way she danced—This is really depressing me-I think I will move out west and work in a gas station-Why did they put a U2 record in my library?

Forgive me for that “Catcher” moment-and if you never read the book- please don’t. I just finished it and do not feel good about it—-kind of like the dollar specials at Taco Bell- you know that you made a bad decision.

[Danger---rant ahead]

This was my attempt at a review in the style of J.D. Salinger, who, I had mistakenly thought was a great writer. Then I read “Catcher in the Rye” and it all evaporated—I don’t get it—-And before you say-“well, Mr. Cave guy- if you were a teenager in the 1950’s, you would totally get it”———I say-I was not on the Greek Islands around 800 BC and the “Iliad” still moved me to tears. And-I was not hanging out with John Milton in 1667, but he took me to hell and back with “Paradise Lost”—And-And, I have not been strolling around after the end of the world but “The Road” floored me- Cormac McCarthy can write—  That is literature-And great work remains great work while crap is crap-it just smells a little different in different seasons—-no wonder Mr. Salinger holed himself up in the New Hampshire woods—I can’t believe I read that book!

[end of rant]

Now to U2

I tried to listen to it but could not- I felt like I was given an assignment to complete.

The great god Apple said- “We have a new watch, you no longer need a wallet or a mind, everything is on your iWatch-just sell your soul to us and we will give you everything—–for starters, here is Bono and the boys who we own…., not own…exactly—-because that would be wrong—-but we bought them and just changed the whole music game—take that Spotify and shove that Sony—-We own the world”

That is how this seems to me and I have a ton of respect for both U2 and Apple.

Way back in the early 80’s when punk burned out and this barge floated by on MTV with Bono preaching behind The Edge’s edgy guitar. I was hooked. This band has been relevant for their entire run. I am still smitten.

But as a music fan that used to pride himself in searching down good music-in separating the good from the bad.

This new thing of simply adding it to my library has a strange feel to it.

Like I am in North Korea and have just been sent the State sponsored soundtrack that I will learn to love in time-that time is now. Here is your music comrade-you will like it or you will be sent to the work camps.

Cheers from the cave- next up is the completion of my top ten, which coincidentally has a U2 record on it.

I will get over this in time and see it as a good thing….maybe.