Loudness.Crazy Nights

So much Metal at the height of its power- big hair and Marshal amps, maybe some boots and make-up to go with them sleek sexy guitars and it takes over the entire world.

Loudness could have only happened when the saturation of this genre was complete. This song is a true relic that gets forgotten when metal fans talk of the good ol’ days.

I love this song- pure attitude and flash with all the offensiveness sanitized out as it is washed to brilliance in the eastern sun. American metal gets transposed into a cartoon of itself and sent back to us in a bright package of innocent excited exuberance. Metal at its best is cartoony music with monsters and superheroes competing on stage with guitar gods and devils. Right back to the beginning with Black Sabbath dragging Ironman from a cheap comic and Lemmy dealing cards with evil in the “Ace of Spades”.

 “The beat kicks you in the head”

It can make us old men feel like a 14 year old boy again. And let’s face it….this was (and is) always the target audience of metal music. Like pro wrestling and video games…it is just a little creepy if we indulge in these vices as we hit half a century.

But……”The beat kicks you in the face” and “We are the heroes tonight”

I have to admit that I did enjoy the slight trip back and thank you “Loudness”

10 thoughts on “Loudness.Crazy Nights

  1. I’m not even going to TRY to spell the names, but in the late 80’s Loudness’ singer left and they replaced him with an American for two albums (Mike Vescera who later went on to do some great work with Yngwie). After Mike they had the singer from E-Z-O for a short while, before reuniting the original Loudness.

  2. Loved that band back when I was an early teen! There were several underrated metal bands back in the day. EZO was another of my favorite metal bands from Japan back in the day. In spite of some of the broken English in some of their lyrics, each of those bands could Rock and play chords like no other!

    1. I don’t remember EZO but I did go out and buy that Loudness L.P…there was so much metal going on that even a poser of a punk fan like me was swept up in it. And thanks for the comment.

      1. I would recommend looking up EZO. They were a band who’s album was produced by Gene Simmons and were sort of dubbed ‘Japanese Kiss’ as their video I have embedded below had them in futuristic costume and heavy makeup!

    1. Hard Rock and Metal are still big today in Japan and even a lot of their animated shows and films use heavy rockin’ sound tracks to them. 20+ years later many a tune by Loudness or EZO still sound amazingly fresh today. I’d say 2 of my favorite Loudness songs would be Running for Cover, and Like Hell. Kiss of Fire is probably my favorite EZO track although their video for it didn’t have them decked out in all the cool make up.

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