WordPress World – Mach 2

Jamming on the sketch with some color


Yeah, it is flawed but I am going with it – I wish I could say it was fun to do – but, I learned a bunch about cartooning in the digital age where there are few rules to follow. I spent a couple hours making a vector me that was really bad and then thought —- “Hey- just throw yourself in the image” – which took 15 minutes—that was fun!

Here is the original sketch:

wpworldThere will be a follow up in which I explain what the things in this strange world mean to me.

Feel free to speculate.

The last remaining landline will be at my fixed location

“I am not going quietly into this mobile era of constant and instant availability.”

I am not cool with it.

Everyone I know except me has ditched their landline. I am the last of the Mohicanslandlinians.

When you reach someone on a home phone in a fixed location – they just might have time to connect and have a discussion in a very human and important way – at least they could have – in a bygone era.

That is gone.

“OK Cave guy, you sound like a Neanderthal now – progress is progress – either get on the bus or get run over.”

Here is what we got with the smart mobile era:

First – what is a “good” number for you? They change so often, it is impossible to keep current unless you are in the “circle” who gets the “new number update” – which I didn’t get because I am still on three numbers ago — My bad.

Second – are you a talker or a text-er?… “Oh, I don’t talk anymore or answer voice mails –  Pls txt me btch.”

Third- if I make it through those first two hoops and don’t get a response … now I am being ignored … which means insulted.

And I still haven’t talked to you.

Yeah – this new system is so much better.

And I just want to talk – you know because we are family or friends and that is how we stay that way.


(sorry, I’m yelling now)

And here is what happens when you do finally get to the mighty castle of “Connection”.

“Oh Hi Wayne, what’s up – I’m just sitting on the toilet at a thruway rest stop, but I saw it was you so I picked up – no problem, just a little stomach bug – go ahead –  what you calling about?”

“Dude- I was just checking in, nothing important”

“Oh-then you should just text me”

“Thanks-I’ll remember that for the next time (which will be never) – sorry to catch you indisposed”

That is how it goes for me so I have basically given up talking to my friends.

Talking on the phone is a lost art.


It is replaced by this endless barrage of texting.

And by texting – I think I mean gossiping with words.

We get inane texts to interrupt our work and become inefficient – then while we are enjoying free time – we get inane texts from work to interrupt that. We are always working and always texting. There is no separation of church and state in our lives.

And it is driving us all mad.

This is so much better – “here let me show you another cat video and I just got this app that makes my face look like a squashed pumpkin- this phone is so cool – my whole life is on it.”

I love this phone

I hate this phone

I just wanted to talk– you know about how things are going for you and how things are going for me, and then maybe we feel more connected – and maybe we can help each other if help is needed. You know life – and how to get through it and stuff – but only when you have a few moments.

And that can’t happen anymore – soooo

That is why I blog…It is as close as I can get.

Here is a 5-pack of my favorite Telephone songs.

 Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman

Jim Croce – Operator

E. L. O. – Telephone Line

Rikki Don’t Lose That Number – Steely Dan

Lady Gaga – Telephone

Am I insane on this? And did I miss a great telephone song for my 5-pack? Would love to hear what you guys think.

Can we still be friends? Blogworld

Can we still be friends?


This post is about a failure – I cannot get this sketch to full color illustration (at least, not yet).

I can shelve it for now or throw it out to the world.


Nobody is paying me here  – in fact, this blog thing is done mostly as a way for me to journal the progress of me, a regular guy, who likes music – and also takes some photos and draws a little.

Does that make me a music critic or photographer or artist? —-No! … It makes me a blogger in a sea of bloggers doing the same thing.

We are many and we are taking over the world.

This sketch was my attempt at figuring out this crazy world we bloggers operate in.

All these awards, likes, follows and prompts falling from the clouds of blogland.

Brand new bloggers with no clue in their tents writing one simple post and waiting for the magic to happen – here is a hint: It won’t happen by itself.

BUT – that brand new blogger that lights a little campfire by leaving some comments and spreading a little joy by throwing “like” buttons like candy from a parade float.

That guy has a chance.

Looking around this sketch – you might find my website in the neighborhood with the other friendly music bloggers (many thanks to them for letting me move in). 🙂

Here is another hint: If you make your blog about something—-anything—- and tag it as such—the other folks that do that same something/anything will try to help you if you let them.

Let them and visit them.

They will become your friendly “shire” in this crazy world – you will be like Winnie the Pooh having Tigger and Eeyore stop by——-you will move from your tent to a neighborhood on WordPress —NOW- you have a great chance at finding your voice and becoming a real blogger.

Whatever that means?

I think it means that you feel at home with your site and move forward with conviction and passion.

“It’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it.” – The wisdom of Eeyore explains how most of us feel about our sites.

So whether you are: music, photo, flowers, conspiracy theory or erotica. Whatever you are – there is a place for you here.

AND – thank you my friends – I am not going to list you and leave people out because this post is about inclusion. But you know who you are!

This sketch will need a follow-up post.

Hopefully I can add some color.

Cheers from the cave!

Rule of Thirds Challenge – My new best friend in Mexico




From “The Cave” on location in Mexico.


This guy would visit us each day at poolside and we named him “Fred”.

Like many of my WordPress friends: I have no idea what his or her real name is or even if he is a him or a her. But always happy for the visit.


Because he/she gives me a unique iguana perspective that makes me think, smile and feel better.

And he doesn’t have to do anymore than he does to get that reaction. In this case; just crawl out and grab a little sun to warm up in the morning.

Just like my favorite bloggers – making the internet a better place by doing what they do.

The lesson here is “be yourself and enjoy being yourself” – because that gives others the courage to enjoy being themselves as well.

I love Mexico.

Cheers and viya con dios from the cave.



2014 in review

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you! To everyone that took time to visit “The Cave” this year.

The “Dancing Post” that had me trending up in the top sites on WP that day (my Birthday) was bittersweet. (I can not go back and read it, it is too much for me to take) —- and to have total strangers approach me in real life about it was surreal. I just wrote from the heart on something I never wanted to write about.

A special thank-you to my top 5 commentators who I consider my close blogging friends, you make this journey of posting not just rewarding but also enjoyable…and on a further note—I don’t know why it has me not following Apple Pie- I have been there from the beginning! I am totally following you. 🙂

And to my other blogging friends who did not make the “top 5” — much love and respect to you too!

I think this is interesting to look at the nuts and bolts of our little worlds.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

What we doing tonight Brain?”

“Same thing we do every night Pinky — Try and take over the world!”

The WordPress world map is my favorite of all the “how is your blog doing?” tools.

The first time I saw it I thought- “Wow, this is kinda cool and somebody found me from Canada.

And then, I had this thought that must pass through the mind of every WordPress blogger at least for an instant——–I —er, yes me—-want every country to visit my blog; from the little ones that I don’t know exist to the big ones that scare me—-every country in the whole world!!!

And why do we think this crazy Napoleonic thought?

Because WordPress puts this map on our nice new blog with all these blank spots that need to be filled in.

We can’t help ourselves.

Below is my progress on this map:

world map 2014

Except for Africa and that middle east/central Asia part-we are doing pretty good.

The day I got my Greenland hit  is one of my single most proud moments in my blogging life. I still remember how warm the hot chocolate was and my screams of joy almost resulted in a 911 call from my neighbor’s house—-that was a great day.

I made a joke about a Mongolian yak herder in a post about Joe Bonamassa and got a hit from Mongolia-that was kind of weird but also cool at the same time.

A couple days ago I got a visit from Laos or more accurately “Lao People’s Democratic Republic” – this one was not on my radar. I saw the country light up and thought for a moment it was North Korea.—-Oh no!  Kim Jung Un is at the cave!–it would have to be, right?- because he is the only one in the whole country with Wi-Fi.

But no, this was next door. North Korea Lite

Which makes this post a little dangerous because nothing stops anyone in the world from taking a glance at it.

Hope you have a good sense of humor.

And hope that whatever corner of this friendly or unfriendly world you find yourself in. This post finds you in good spirits.

Cheers from the cave!

Reboot Yourself

photo 3

Reboot Yourself

I started “Blogging 201” http://dailypost.wordpress.com/courses/blogging-201-branding-and-growth/ last week and have been making some changes with the website.

I am not done yet.

These are not tweaks – these are discarding the clutter to keep the vision clear.

I am not abandoning rock music—I am bringing it with me on my new adventures.

I just need to stand up and declare to my music purist friends – that I am not one, or at least; not a good one.

Although I respect and admire those of you that stay on point and on topic. I guess I do not have the discipline to keep this blog “In the lines”.

I am faced with two options –

One: Abandon it altogether and do something more “useful” with my time.

Two: Rock it out in the direction it is pulling me and go as far as it will take me—with feeling.

So here we go with option two and you are most welcome to join me.

And as always-Cheers from the cave!

Dragon loyalty and thanks for getting me to 500 followers


A loyal blogging friend nominated me for the dragon loyalty award and even though I am not going to really do this award to pass it on in the prescribed way –it will generate a post and has already generated a sketch.

I sketched for an hour-just me and my imagination—I wanted to get the feeling of meeting a dragon and then wondering what to do about the slaying part. I don’t wish ill on any creature and even though dragons have a bad reputation—–getting rid of them is always a tricky thing.

I don’t know where it came from and I don’t know if I am up to the task.

And does this dragon really need to go anyway?

Enough about my conflicted soul and back to the award that I am not doing.

Loyalty is a rare and special thing – I am mentioning two bloggers that have been with me through thick and thin.

Mike  http://mikeladano.com/ always drops by and like the friendly neighbor in any good sitcom-the show simply can’t go on without him- so I thank you my friend.

And also http://peacelovegreatcountrymusic.com/ who nominated me for this award-I thank her very much for the support because there was a long time that I was writing and felt I could not write well enough to stay here on WordPress. It is ironic that a country music fan would help keep a rock fan afloat-but she always does.

I don’t think I would have been out here long enough to gather all these followers without a couple good people in my corner. I really mean that.

Now I will do the 7 things about me part.

  1. I listen to hip hop when working out- Biggie for cardio and Slim Shady for weights.
  2. I am fascinated by birds that migrate enough that it affects my driving.
  3. I am not a good driver.
  4. When I look at the stars –I imagine that I am on a big rock hurling through space.
  5. I don’t get “The three Stooges”.
  6. When choosing between cheap beer and no beer- I go thirsty.
  7. Skating in hockey skates is pure joy.

Next post I will be getting back to the music

For now I will leave you with  Queen.Dragon Attack

Cheers from the cave!

Greenland Baby!


Greenland Baby!

Oh sweet mystical frozen land that everyone flies over going to other places!

Oh beautiful Holy Grail of no blogging hits!

You don’t know how one accidental visit can make a guy happy.

I don’t know what brought you to my site and even though I am curious-I am ok with a quick hit and no explanation. It is fine because I have been waiting for you for a long time.

You have made my day! I can see the northern lights dancing in my head right now!

I can hear a polar bear moaning for its mate on an ice floe.

I can almost see a seal popping his head above the waterline to see if I am friend or foe.

I am a friend! I Love you Greenland!

greenland flag

I am not one to brag about this and that on WordPress

I appreciate every single follower and every single like button. They are like little drops of candy from the sky that keep this blogging thing so sweet.  I do have a bunch of followers and a few regular readers but I am not really into throwing a badge up for the numbers. I think that a good honest blog with 10 regular followers and readers that are engaged is a successful blog.

And I also think that most bloggers give up too easy when they don’t see good numbers.

If you enjoy writing and do it on a regular basis-you will find yourself getting better and also find a voice that starts to speak to others. When that starts happening: people will find you.

All us bloggers that people think are good started out as a jumbled mess with 3 or 4 followers and no like buttons. We all get better as we go along.

I  have not been Freshly Pressed

I’d like to think I have been close with maybe a misplaced comma or an image that could have been a bit stronger making the WordPress gurus winch just enough to not check that box. Or they may not even know I am here! Either way-don’t have that badge.

I am an Award agnostic

I love the fact that they engage the whole community spirit of blogging, but I hate the chain-letterness of them.

But Greenland baby- Greenland- all you bloggers that have ever stared at the world map and seen that big white blank island at the top of the world know what I am talking about .

And I hope you can also reach this blogging Nirvana .

It is a beautiful thing.

Let’s play a happy song- some bouncy major chords and a feisty little drum beat.

I like American music and I love Greenland.

Cheers from the cave!

And Qujanaq Greenland! (I hope that means thanks)